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Pulled Pork Pack
    Pulled Pork Pack
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    • Pulled Pork Pack (Serves 4)

    • Love BBQ Pulled Pork? This package is for you! Applewood smoked pulled pork, soft sandwich buns, sliced cheese, CJ’s Great West Grill Homemade BBQ sauce, homemade baked beans, homemade coleslaw, homemade potato chips and fresh garden salad with homemade Buttermilk Ranch.

      • Applewood Smoked Pulled Pork x 2lbs Ready to reheat!
      • Soft Buns x 4
      • CJ's Great West Grill BBQ Sauce x 8oz
      • Sliced Cheese
      • Homemade Baked Beans x 32oz Ready to reheat!
      • Homemade Coleslaw x 32oz
      • Homemade Potato Chips x 1 bag
      • Fresh Garden Salad w/ Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

      Reheating/Cooking Instruction Card

    • $69.99

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