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(2lbs) Smoked Brisket
    (2lbs) Smoked Brisket
    Purchase (2lbs) Smoked Brisket
    • (2lbs) Smoked Brisket

    • (2lbs) Applewood-smoked beef brisket. Smoking your own brisket is a pain! Let us do the heavy lifting while you enjoy this smoked, sliced brisket. Ready to reheat!

    • $35.99

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    Recommended Minimum Cooking/Reheating Temperatures:
    • Ground Beef 160*
    • Chicken/Poultry 165*
    • Steaks (beef) 145*
    • Reheating Ribs, Brisket, Protiens, Sauces & Sides 165*

    Cooking Pro Tips & Recommendations:
    • Seasoning and then Grilling or searing in a pan raw, un-marinated steaks & burgers will have the best results
    • Grilling or broiling marinated steaks & poultry will have the best results

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