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Pick-up available to all T-BONES and Copper Door locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is my food coming from?

A. Your food is made-from-scratch and packaged by Great NH Restaurants (T-BONESCopper Door) employees at our commissary. (The hub that produces and delivers our made-from-scratch desserts and hand-butchered meats to our restaurants- it’s where the behind-the-scenes magic happens!)

Q. Who is delivering my food?

A. One of our Great NH Restaurant employees will deliver your items directly to our restaurants with love and care on the day of your scheduled pick-up.

Q. Do you offer calorie and nutritional information for the meals offered?

A. No we do not offer that information at this time.

Q. I am planning a big party or I am looking for a very large order of packaged raw meats. Should I still order here?

A. Yes! Simply order multiples of your desired items to reach the number of servings needed! Need assistance deciding how much to order? Email Megan at

Q. Can I earn Payback$ or Copper Club points, or redeem rewards, on my purchase?

A. Unfortunately no, is a separate operating business outside of the individual restaurants where you can earn points and redeem rewards.

Q. Can I use gift cards, coupons, promotions, or discounts offered at T-BONES or Copper Door?

A. Unfortunately, no. is a separate operating business outside of the individual restaurants. Those gift cards, coupons, promotions, and discounts are not valid at

Q. Aww shucks, I love this program, but I want it delivered. Is that an option?

A. Unfortunately, no, we do not offer delivery for weekly orders. We DO, however offer pick-ups every Friday at each of our restaurant locations so you can choose the location most convenient to your home or work!

Q. I’d like to modify my order to omit or add ingredients. What do I do?

A. Available items are designed with great quality and efficiency in mind, and we are unable to accommodate modifications.

Q. I’m trying to place my order, but my order date is not available. Help!

A. We prepare your items daily to provide the highest quality and freshest product possible. Orders must be placed each week by 12 NOON on Wednesday for Friday pick-up at one of our restaurant locations.

Q. Can I have my items delivered hot?

A. All items are packaged cold, with the intention to be heated or cooked by the receiver. If cooking just isn’t for you, visit any one of our T-BONES or Copper Door locations for a traditional takeout meal!

Q. Will items come with cooking or heating instructions?

A. Special holiday packages, when available, will come with instructions, but weekly raw proteins and sides will not.

Q. I didn’t receive my order, who do I call?

A. For order assistance Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm, please call (603)488-2828. If you need additional assistance on Saturday, please call our Commissary at (603)836-3903.