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Order the perfect amount with our Meat Ordering Guide. For additional assistance, call (603) 488-2828.

Meat Ordering Guide

Select the number of guests to find out the perfect amount to serve your guests.

Serving Size   Meat to Order
6oz Lunch/Lighter portion, with 2-3 sides 2 lbs 4 lbs 6 lbs 8 lbs
8oz Average Dinner portion, with 2-3 sides 3 lbs 5-6 lbs 8 lbs 10-11 lbs
10oz Larger Dinner portion, with 2-3 sides 3-4 lbs 6-7 lbs 9-10 lbs 12-13 lbs
12oz Bigger Appetites! 4 lbs 7-8 lbs 11-12 lbs 15 lbs

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